A portion of the funding from Ada Township’s “Parks and Land Preservation” millage has been allocated by the Township Board for use in acquiring open space lands in the Township. The 15-year millage in the amount of .4 mills was approved by voters in November, 2002.

The Township Board has enacted an Open Space Preservation Ordinance to establish a structure and process for acquiring open space lands. The Ordinance establishes a 9-member Advisory Board to oversee the program and make land acquisition recommendations to the Township Board. The Advisory Board has adopted Rules of Procedure that establish detailed procedures and criteria for acquiring open space lands.

The Advisory Board will review applications from property owners or nominations from the public for properties to be considered for acquisition and permanent preservation as open land. Following the evaluation process and criteria set forth in the ordinance and rules, recommendations on acquisition will be made to the Township Board.

The Advisory Board will also evaluate offers from property owners to donate lands or conservation easements on land to the Township for open space preservation, and will seek out available grant funds from state, federal and private sources, to supplement the Township’s millage funds.

The Township’s Open Space Protection Plan, adopted in 2000, provides guidance and sets priorities for the types of lands that the Township seeks to preserve.

An application/nomination form for offering or nominating property for consideration to be acquired can be obtained from the Township Planning Dept., at 676-9191, Ext. 31, or by following the links below.

Agendas and minutes of Advisory Board meetings can by found by following the Minutes & Agendas link at the top of the page.

Links to:

Open Space Preservation Advisory Board

Open Space Preservation Ordinance

Advisory Board Rules of Procedure

Flow Chart of Land Acquisition Process

Application / Nomination Form

Preliminary Review Criteria for Land Acquisition

Open Space Protection Plan